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Posted by: 葉志常    Date: 2014-05-26
13/14下學期中一英文科考試範圍 (13/14 Second Term Exam. F.1 English Language - Scope for Revision)


2013 - 2014 Second Term Examination

F.1 English Language



Paper 1: Reading Comprehension and G.E (70/300 marks)


Part A: Grammar and usage  - All grammar items taught in the first term (62 marks)

Grammar Items


1.     Tenses: Simple Present Tense, Simple Past Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Future Tense

2.     Wh-questions

3.     Countable and uncountable nouns

4.     Singular and plural nouns

5.     Articles: a, an and the

6.     Making comparison (-er / -est)

7.     Preposition of time

8.     Preposition of place and movement

1.     Grammar and Usage Units 1- 4


2.     Grammar and Usage Unit 6

3.     Grammar and Usage Unit 11

4.     Grammar and Usage Unit 12

5.     Grammar and Usage Unit 16

6.     Grammar and Usage Unit 20

7.     Grammar and Usage Unit 21

8.     Grammar and Usage Unit 22

  Part B: Reading Comprehension (TSA format) (22  marks)

Part C: Reading Comprehension (16 marks)


Paper 2: Writing (60/300 marks)

A.   A guided writing task with pictures  (10 marks)

B.   Picture description                      (20 marks)

C.   Write an email reply                         (30 marks)


Paper 3:  Listening and Integrated Skills (70/300 marks)

The listening components will be placed TWICE.


Part A: Short Tasks                                     

Part B: Integrated Tasks                             


Paper 4:   Speaking (30/300 marks)

Part A: Individual presentation (15 marks)

Students will be given 5 topics before the exam. They are free to choose ONE topic and prepare for the presentation. The topics are:

1.     My favorite food

2.     My favorite sightseeing spot

3.     My favorite shopping centre

4.     My family

5.     Keeping a pet at home


Part B: Commenting Picture and Interacting with teacher (15 marks)

The examiner tells each student to comment on the given picture in five complete sentences. Then the examiner asks each student two questions related to the picture.

F.1 Second Term Exam Scope for Revision 2013-2014.pdf