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2012年中七畢業生注意事項 Posted by: 鄭銘強   Date: 2012-06-26 21:26
新學制在2009年開始實施,最後一批參加高級程度會考(高考)的日校考生人數約31 000人,成績將於2012年6月29日公布。

中七畢業生可以選擇優質多元及多階進出的升學途徑。教育資助委員會(教資會)資助的八所院校及香港演藝學院會於2012/13學年提供合共15150個三年制學士學位學額,供舊學制中七同學報讀,而自資專上院校則會為高考生及香港中學文憑試考生提供約7400個學士學位學額,以及37500副學位學額。另外,同學亦可以考慮其他途徑升學,例如毅進文憑課程、職業教育及培訓課程或其他課程,這類課程的學額合共超過35 000個。

為協助學生申請大學聯合招生辦法(聯招)以外的專上課程,教育局的專上課程電子預先報名平台 (E-APP) 於今年2月9日投入服務學生可以經E-APP預先遞交課程申請,並有機會在公開考試成績公布前獲院校給予有條件取錄/暫取錄資格。在2012年6月29日高考成績公布當天,E-APP會從香港考試及評核局取得成績,並直接送往學生報讀的院校。符合有條件取錄/暫取錄資格要求的高考生只需根據個別院校的指示確認接受取錄,而無需在考試成績公布當天趕去院校排隊報讀課程。


為配合學生在雙軌年報讀課程,院校在某些情況下會提供退還留位費/註冊費安排。一般來說,若學生獲得並接受經聯招報讀的教資會資助全日制學士學位課程的取錄,便可以向院校申請退款,唯須按院校要求繳付行政費用。有關摘要已上載於經評審專上課程資料網 (iPASS) 及E-APP網站,如要查詢詳情,學生應直接聯絡院校。

教育局最近特別在iPASS設立「專上院校可供申請的課程 (2012/13 學年)網頁,內有連結至各專上院校,為學生提供可供申請的專上課程資訊。院校的網頁每天至少會更新兩次,以便提供最新可報讀課程的資訊。

  1. iPASS (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/)
  2. E-APP (http://www.eapp.gov.hk/)
  3. 專上院校可供申請的課程 (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/eng/places1.aspx)
  4. 申請資訊及收生安排 (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/eng/application.aspx)
  5. 中學畢業生升學輔導手冊 2012 (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/eng/ebook2012/handbook.html)
  6. e-導航 (http://enavigator.edb.hkedcity.net/main/index.php)


Points to note for 2012 HKALE graduates
With the commencement of the New Academic Structure in 2009, the last cohort of about 31000 day school candidates sitting for the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) this year will have the results announced on 29 June 2012.

Multiple pathways
HKALE graduates are provided with high quality and diversified study pathways with multiple entry and exit points. The eight University Grants Committee (UGC) funded institutions and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts will offer 15150 places for normative 3-year undergraduate degree programmes. The self-financing post-secondary institutions will also provide about 7400 degree places and 37500 sub-degree places for both HKALE and Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education candidates. In addition, there are other pathways for students to pursue further studies, including Yi Jin Diploma, vocational education and training programmes and other programmes, which provide more than 35000 places in total.

Application and admission arrangements in 2012
To facilitate students’ application for non-Joint University Programmes Admissions System (non-JUPAS) post-secondary programmes, the Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes (E-APP) was launched on 9 February 2012 so that students can make advance applications and may obtain a conditional offer before the release of public examination results. Upon the release of the HKALE results on 29 June 2012, E-APP will obtain the results of the applicants from the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority and send them to the institutions concerned. HKALE students meeting the requirements of the conditional offer will only need to confirm acceptance as specified by individual institutions instead of rushing to queue for admission on the date of release of HKALE results.

In order to allow enough time for students to make informed decision when choosing their programmes, all non-JUPAS institutions have agreed to allow the HKALE candidates with confirmed offer to pay the enrolment deposit required by noon of 5 July 2012. Thereafter, the remaining places available can be released to other applicants. Most of the non-JUPAS institutions have also agreed that the amount of enrolment deposit would be $5,000 or below.

To facilitate students in their applications for post-secondary programmes in the double cohort year, institutions may provide refunds under some conditions. In general, if students have accepted offer of a place for full-time UGC-funded degree programme through JUPAS, they may apply for full refund of the enrolment deposit paid after paying an administrative fee. An indicative summary on the refund policies of the institutions has already been uploaded onto the Information Portal for Accredited Post-secondary Programmes (iPASS) and E-APP websites. For details, students should check with individual institutions direct.

To provide students with the latest information on the availability of places still open for application, EDB has recently set up a webpage for "Programmes Available for Application from Post-secondary Institutions (2012/13 Academic Year)" on iPASS through which institutions will provide updates at least twice a day on the availability of their post-secondary programmes.

HKALE candidates could find more detailed information in the following websites addresses provided by EDB in planning their articulation for post-secondary education:
  1. iPASS (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/)
  2. E-APP (http://www.eapp.gov.hk/)
  3. Programmes availability (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/eng/places1.aspx)
  4. Application and admission information (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/eng/application.aspx)
  5. Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary School Graduates 2012 (http://www.ipass.gov.hk/eng/ebook2012/handbook.html)
  6. e-Navigator (http://enavigator.edb.hkedcity.net/main/index.php)

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